Anonymous Artist has his roots in the culture of a street-art and through his art installations, he facilitates an aesthetic and important critical activism. His works are site specific and influence the cityscape through simplistic interventions which create a heightened awareness within the audience. An example could be a crumbled cup at a public bench next to one of the most beautiful viewpoints at Kongekajen in Elsinore. If one looks closer, the bronze cup is a commentary to garbage in the public sphere. The art installation was well received and managed to give the city a new aesthetic aspect, while helping the local authorities to raise the citizens’ consciousness with their own responsibilities regarding garbage. Anonymous Artist encourages everyone to increase their awareness in connection to consumption, environment and responsibility instead of relying on traditional communication campaigns. Anonymous Artist has also created art with focus on the homeless, democracy and active participation during elections and the fugitive crisis.

His art is never announced ahead of time and there are no descriptions attached to each installation, because his goal is to create curiosity and awe. He chooses to be anonymous, because he wishes to create attention around his work and not his persona. His art has raised debates and has been mentioned locally, nationally and internationally when it suddenly appears in the cityscape and forces the audience to think about current social issues.


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